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In any life-threatening situation, immediately call 911!

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大多数校园建筑开放时间为周一至周五上午7点至晚上11点,周六上午7点30分.m. 到5:00 p.m. 校园警察可以询问任何在下班后没有被授权进入大楼的人. Campus buildings are locked after normal hours and on holidays. Staff and faculty are asked to contact College Police.

When entering a building or facility after normal hours

It is the responsibility of those using rooms and offices to lock the doors, 关掉所有的灯, 离开时关闭所有窗户. 学院警察将在下班后检查区域,但安全的主要责任在于设施的使用者.

确保校园设施在不使用时的安全是非常重要的. 通过共同努力,我们可以防止绝大多数发生在校园设施中的盗窃和破坏行为.


Keys are issued to staff and faculty members on a need to enter basis. Such determination is made by the appropriate supervisor. 丢失或被盗的钥匙必须立即报告学院警察和员工的主管. Keys may not be loaned to other staff members or to students. 大学警察会没收一个人所拥有的任何钥匙,而不是专门发给那个人的. Unauthorized duplication and illegal possession of keys is a misdemeanor.


没有学院的明确许可,任何学院的财产都不得搬离校园. Unauthorized removal of property from campus is a violation of law and of college policy.


学院设施管理部负责学院所有建筑和场地的维护. 学院警察与他们密切合作,以确保设施的安全和保障.



突发LBBET乐博、事故、伤害等突发LBBET乐博随时随地都可能发生. 为意想不到的情况做好心理和身体上的准备是将LBBET乐博最小化的第一个也是最好的防御措施. Each of us must take a pro-active approach to providing a safe environment and, although no guide can cover all situations, the procedures outlined below will help prepare you should an emergency arise.


  • 熟悉你的测深.
  • 知道你所在区域或建筑物的所有出口的位置,以防发生火灾或需要撤离.
  • Know the location of all fire alarm pull stations.
  • 了解灭火器或紧急呼叫箱的位置,以便在紧急情况下通知学院警察.
  • 注意你周围正在发生的事情.
  • ALWAYS lock your car and conceal valuable items.
  • 不要让个人财产无人看管.
  • Don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1 immediately if you believe an emergency exists

内乱 & 法庭命令


内乱包括暴动, 示威活动, 威胁人, 正在进行的犯罪, or assemblies that have become significantly disruptive. If a disturbance should occur 在校园, avoid it and contact the College Police. Stay away from the protest, or take a different route away from the problem. 不要嘲讽或阻挠示威者. 不要挑起冲突. 除非学院警察发出其他指示,否则尽可能继续正常生活.

学院尊重言论自由的权利,允许非暴力抗议和示威活动的发生. 校园内所有大型集会都将通知学院警察,以便在必要时监控人群.


任何人, 谁已经提交了保护令或禁令,并认为被点名的人可能试图在LBBET乐博校园联系他们, 应该通知学院警察吗. 学院警察会要求你提供一份民事法庭命令的副本,并要求你提供命令中提到的人的身体描述和照片, 如果可能的话, 以及他们车辆的描述. 所有官员将了解情况,以避免发生潜在的问题. If a violation of the orders occurs, the College Police will taken the necessary action.



因为我们是一个多元化的社区, it is sometimes difficult to determine who or who does not belong 在校园. 有些情况下, 然而, 当你遇到一个似乎没有正当理由出现在校园的人. There are other situations where a person’s action, 比如在停车场徘徊, 窥视车辆, 或者他们的口头评论, 提出了怀疑. If you encounter an individual or situation you feel is out of place or suspicious, contact the college police immediately and provide a description, an explanation of the person actions and any other pertinent information. 大学警察将试图确认个人身份,以确定他们是否有正当理由进入校园.


If you receive or discover a suspicious letter or package, 不要处理, 移动, open or go near the item until it can be checked. If you are unsure as to whether or not it is safe to open a piece of mail, contact College Police immediately and keep everyone away from the item until they arrive.



除了遵守当地法规, 州和联邦法律, LBBET乐博坚持在学院目录和探路者中印刷的行为准则. This code establishes behavioral standards for the entire campus community (students, 职员及访客). 当后, 该代码允许教学和学习过程在没有人为干扰的情况下继续进行.

The underlying reason causing a disruption can usually be dealt with after the incident. What matters most during the incident are the real victims of the disruption, 其他社区成员出席. 因此, 以正式的方式处理破坏者的行为是很重要的,首先要通过口头指示来解决问题, 然后在报告中记录了这一LBBET乐博.

Whenever disruptive individuals fail to comply with staff direction, the College Police Department should be immediately notified.


Whenever you observe or are subjected to unruly or disruptive acts by an individual, 做以下几点:

1. If the disruption is occurring outside the classroom setting, notify the College Police and wait for an officer to respond to the scene.

2. 如果在教室里, 教师应试图通过要求个人停止他/她的行为来处理这种情况. Immediately notify the College Police if the individual continues to disrupt the class.

3. 对于上述任何一种情况, prepare and forward a report to your Division Chairperson and the Dean of Students.

注意:知道将对破坏性或不守规矩的行为采取措施,往往会阻止将来发生类似的行为. The College’s policy is enforceable under State of New Jersey statutes.


校园内禁止持有枪支或其他通常用于造成身体伤害的工具以及所有其他大学财产. 所有上课的人, 被学校雇佣, are visiting the college or who otherwise have business with in the college, 禁止携带武器, concealed or otherwise (with or without a permit), on their person or in their vehicles or anywhere on the college property. 持证和平人员, who currently work with a law enforcement agency, 或获得学院警察部门书面许可的人被排除在无武器政策之外.


每当一名工作人员观察或意识到一个人在大学校园拥有枪支或其他工具,通常用于造成身体伤害, 他/她应该:

  1. 通知校园警察
  2. 给出受试者的描述和位置.

Note: Only the College Police can intervene if a weapon is observed or suspected.


校园社区成员将被建议在紧急情况下或出于安全原因撤离教学楼. 疏散信号通常会通过火警铃声发出,或在发生气体泄漏紧急情况时以口头方式发出. 因为气体比空气轻, it will rise to the ceiling level of a room and work its way down to the floor. An explosion can be caused if a fire alarm bells/horns, 电话, or appliances in the effected area are being used.



  1. Remain calm, and leave the building and/or area in a safe and orderly manner.
  2. 当你离开大楼时:
    1. Assist disabled persons or others requiring assistance.
    2. Hold on to handrails while on the stairways.
    3. 不要使用电梯, matches or lighters.
  3. Proceed to a safe location away from the danger after leaving the building or area.
  4. 能提供一份事发前和你在一起的学生或人员名单.

爆炸可以由许多来源发生. Some of these sources are electrical problems, 化学或天然气排放, 炸弹, 或者飞机事故.

爆炸后, 校园里每个人的主要关注点应该是帮助受伤人员,防止火灾和气体泄漏. The immediate response of outside resources such as the Fire Department, 公共事业公司将需要有效地处理这种情况,并将被大学警察召集.


如果这种紧急情况发生, try to remain calm and prepare yourself for further explosions by crawling under

  1. 远离窗户, 镜子, 架空固定装置, 文件柜, 书柜和电器设备.
  2. 不要移动严重受伤的人,除非他们有被随后的火灾烧死的直接危险, 建筑物倒塌, 或其他LBBET乐博.
  3. Open doors carefully and watch for falling objects. 不要使用电梯.
  4. Do not use open flames such as matches or lighters. 避免在附近吸烟.
  5. 电话的电子器件可能会产生火花,请勿在爆炸地点50英尺内或建筑物内使用.